Once there was a girl that hated life because everybody always either beat her up or called her a witch when ever they saw her.She was a trveler she had traveld the whole world but one cold october day when she was getting ready to go back to her home state she ran out of money and could not go.A few years later people herd her screaming and every morning she came out all messed up so that’s how people began calling her the with.Three years later she decided to reaveal her name she said it was hellda then everyone became scared of her for ever.TO BE CONTINUED…


Digital media.


Mr. heinz is the best teacher in the history of teachers.The best thing he has let us do is,letting us have parties.I bet Mr. heinz would rather be at home relaxing watching t.v. and sleeping.


The parties were really fun because we got to either watch a movie or go to the park if it was not raining.The best part is getting snakes and computers for free time and get a break from doing work.


On the computers we got to creat  blogs that was the best for me and wikis but i had a lot of trouble with my user name but other than that i had a lot of fun.

My new puppy.

My new puppy is a lab mixed with a pug. My family and I went to a place and my mom siad that where we were going was a surprise.I thought that we  were going to the store to get some items to make my favorite food.And when we arrived to the place that we were going me and my sister were shocked.Since our other dog died we were happy because we didn’t think that we were going to get another dog.The dogs name is salmon named after the fish but my dad and I are thinking to get the puppy another name.Last night on november/25/2009 we came up with really funny names and my dad was laughing so hard that he droped his hot coffee on himself.The dog is to months old and we are picking him up on friday/27/2009 at five o’clock p.m.

My favorite part about digital media was when we created our blogs. I liked creating my blog because then my I have my own private space.

My favorite


I like dragons because they can breath fire and not so many animals can do that.

the s.w.a.t team

The  s.w.a.t team is a movie that is real and the events happend in real life. What i liked about the movie is the part where they save everybody in a bank robbery.Part of the movie i did not like becouse i expected more events but thats how they mad it. I watch police movies becouse i want to be a police man when i grow up.I liked how the carachters  acted becouse they mad yhe movie more intresting by showing what they are doing in evry single part of the movie.Me and my family like action movies becouse my mom and dad know that i want to be a police man when i grow up and they liked the idea.many people  in this movie are very famouse and the s.w.a.t. people have nice rides and they are fast one to faster than any other cool ride ever created. The helecopters are very cool in the movie.

About the outher

car-po16Hi my name is victor and i live in eugene oregon my favorite snack is ice cream!!!…   my favorite thing to do in middle school is finding my classes and walking  around the school.I want to be a police man when i grow up because  i want to help the world be a better place to live.I like football and basketball at the same time.I also like action movies and funny ones to.